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Business Planning

The start point is understanding what the business plan is for.  Such as:

  • Internal use  by management and shareholders
  • external use for fund raising


There are two parts to the plan:

  • Financials
  • Plan text


Financial forecasts:

Monthly year 1, quarterly years 2 & 3. Specifically:

  • Excel workbook with unit economics; projected sales lines with direct costs aligned (various algorithms); overheads calculated on the basis of existing actuals plus stepped changes; fixed assets spend. This will auto link to:
  • WinForecast (latest version Sage Financial Forecasting). Generating P&L, Cashflow, Balance sheet, Funds flow, Key Ratios
  • Summary of financials; summary of assumptions.
Business Plan text :

Assistance with the preparation of your business plan:

  • Template for business plan including Executive Summary; Market analysis; Routes to market; Operations; People; Financial Summary; Appendices etc.
  • Document requirement. Listing of all supporting documents required.
  • Review of all text (several iterations likely)

See business plan proforma in articles section for a "template".  Note that the business plan is always a personal document and it is wrong to be prescriptive about the plan text.  The proforma is simply a guide!